The equipment combines all the three characteristics, which are Lip-coating, Comma-coating and Gravure-coating, and with top and bottom automatically dry system, Cambia-blet installed inside so that it can even dry PVC Film material of very low thromostability. The Vector Motor Unit Set will be individual operated, and Controller updated with digital drive machines, which keep the adhesive coating surface as smooth as glass, also can avoid bubble and fish eyes from happening.
It maximizes the advantages and complements the disadvantages of the current machines.
The newest instrument--Transmission Sensor offers a cost-effective method to accurately determine film thickness,layer thickness or product moisture content, sensors tailored for the specified film thickness, ensures optimal sensitivity. It can control the thickness by digital value, improve the work efficiency, and avoid tape telescope from happening.
After applying oily acrylic and emulsion adhesive, the silicon coating face of release film(PET/OPP) will synthesize together with Face Film.