1. Synthetic Plastic

Product Overview

  1. A base film adhesive for full nail wrap available without buffer
  2. To be easily cut by rubbing on a nail without buffer when required to rush rather than trim with a buffer after attaching on a nail
  3. A base adhesive film for non-buffer nail wrap easy to attach on & trim with a nail when traveling in a car, train or ship
  4. Available for Silkscreen/UV Offset/Seal Printings or Printing on Foil or Hologram
  5. Special Adhesive Film with little elasticity, technologically-developed eco-friendly plastic resin
  6. A resin was developed not to be detached from a nail even after the trim with a buffer the attachment on a nail.
  7. Adhesive can be completely removed and any remaining adhesive can also be easily eliminated by rubbing off.
  8. Nail sticker shall not be detached off the nail when washing hands with soap.
  9. Adhesiveness shall not be weakened for long-time storage after the purchase.
  10. The base film can be easily stripped off for use with its steady separation feature owing to the precision silicon coating and heat treatment.
  11. Halogen-free strong removable acrylic resin is harmless to human body and soluble by solvent only not by water.

2. PU

Product Overview

  1. The product property is the same as Synthetic Plastic.
  2. A base adhesive film to be trimmed off with a buffer only after attaching on nail

3. PET Release Film
3 Kinds of Products Black
Material : PET Film
Releasability : Heavy
Material : PET Film
Releasability : Heavy
Material : PET Film
Releasability : Heavy
4. Cross-sectional Diagram of A & B Products

Item Elasticity
Elongation Rate
Adhesiveness AHydrophilicity Printability Solvent-Resistance Tearableness
SUS Synthetic Plastic
Synthetic Plastic Film 0.2~0.3% 1100g 1300g N/A Silk&Offset high print Weak Well Tearable by Hand
PU Film 0.4~0.5% 1600g 1800g N/A Only silk printing Adequate Untearable by Hand

5. Material