Roll Tape Cleaner
For existing products or imported products sold in markets, you need to remove hairs, dust mites or minute dusts stuck on clothes, beds as rolling roll tapes and when the adhesive strength is reduced, you need to unbind some parts to remove those dusts. On the contrary, Two Two Cleaner is a roll cleaner suitable for uses in Korea. Two Two Cleaner is a patented product for multipurpose applications from removing dusts on clothes, beds and carpets to dog hairs, hairs and dusts on glossy surfaces such as floor papers, marble floors, wood floors or tile floors.
You need to rotate and roll the roll tapes to remove dusts on floor papers, wood floors and marble floors. In this way, it is difficult to remove dusts and the tapes are released when you roll in the opposite direction of the tape roll because you cannot roll the tapes because of strong adhesives. On the contrary, the roll tape cleaner has appropriate adhesive strength to make you easily roll and remove dusts. In addition, it makes you more easily roll the tapes right and left because it is embossed. Therefore, Two Two Roll Tape Cleaner is very convenient and practical for use.

Portable Tape Cleaner
Small coated papers with strong adhesive strength are stacked in small and pretty cases for portable uses(pockets, handbags and when you travel, etc.). In particular, there is a part without adhesives to enable you easily take off piece by piece. The adhesive parts are coated in small embossed patterns. Then, you can remove even dusts deeply penetrated into clothes. The other characteristic of embossed pattern is the embossed adhesives of large surfaces that you can remove much dust
even with one sheet of tape.
In addition, the adhesives used in this product are waterbased emulsion without harmful substances to human bodies. It is applied for domestic and international patents with the characteristic that it doesnt leave any adhesive marks on the surfaces.

Desk Tape Cleaner
Square sheets of desk cleaner tapes are contained in square cases. Desk cleaner tapes are very convenient cleaner tapes that you can take off each piece and put down and remove dust or hairs on floors or clothes. You can put these tapes on toilet tables at home and desks in offices for convenient uses.
Refill for Roll Tape Cleaner
It is the refill tapes for Roll Tape Cleaners.