1. Product Description
 This product is an inventive item that have users foster applicability and feel excitement and a
sense ofaccomplishment by allowing them to create a pretty character with easily peel and stick
(mosaics) various colors on an unfinished character.

Also, complete characters can be attached to various places and detached several times as it uses
a special kind of adhesive. 

We have obtained the license to use the globally popular characters from “Bang on the Door”
brand. These characters satisfy the aesthetic senses of children and even adults make curiosity. 
With this coloring art craft product, generous parents can communicate with their children and
children can work with cousins and friends to make beautiful memories. We are certain that all of
our customers praise the aesthetic beauty of our product.

In addition to the sophisticated images, the English description of each character is fun to peel
and stick and helps children memorize English words.  This makes this product highly popular
among parents. Thus, we are planning to sell this product to the world market and many large-sized
discount stores across Korea.  

These printed images are very thin yet durably printed to resist wearing.  Thus, the images are
long-lasting and not easily peeled by water, oil, sweat, or even light touch. 

The coloring art craft package is an affordable item as a gift for many occasions like birthday,
group event, family visit, etc. and it makes children and teenagers satisfied by collecting
various characters in a notebook.
A.  Printing Image 1 onto the adhesive label sheet is in the plastic bag:
   - Peel off the frosty film on the back side of Image 1 and lay the  adhesive label sheet is in the
     plastic bag to adhere the image 1 little by little on the shiny surface of the adhesive label sheet. 
     (Note: Press the adhesive label sheet with one hand to make sure that it does not move. For 
      durable adhesion, rub the image with your finger nails and then evenly rub the whole image 5
      to 7 times with a coin, pen cap, or wooden chopsticks and slowly peel off the film.)

B. Printing each colors one by one:    
   - Peel the each color parts along the perforated lines and adhere them on the adhesive label sheet
     printed in Step A one by one. Then, following the rubbing procedure described in the note of Step A.  
     (Note: When attaching parts, be careful not to ruin other printed images.)

C. Cut out the adhesive label sheet along the completed shape using scissors and remove the white
     backing to attach it anywhere you want. 
    (Refrigerator, Children's furniture, Window, Mirror etc. The attached place in not
     contaminated because the product applies special adhesive.)

D. Small character images can be used to decorate your notebooks, diaries, note pads, albums,
    photos, or books. 
※ Safety Suggestions : ① After working with the adhesive label sheet, wash your hands. 
                        ② Parental supervision is required for children under 5.
                        ③ Avoid putting pieces of films in your mouth. 
                        ④ In case that it is printed on your skin, take it off using sticky
	                 tape immediately.

※ Sizes:  98mm * 240mm             98mm * 278mm
           186mm * 240mm            192mm * 278mm

※ Gift Set: 200mm * 175mm  11-page Notebook

These images are protected by the Copyright Law. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.

Seller: Two Two Art Tech.
Manufacturer: Two&Two Chemical Enterprise.